Send and receive Notifications


- Get alert when new opportunity is posted

- Send personal notifications to agents with your show off

- Get notification when agents contact you with opportunies


- Get alert when talents post new show offs

- Get alert when talents apply to your opportunities

- Communicate with talents directly and privately


About us

StarBooster connects talents (actors, dancers, models, musicians) with opportunities such as casting, auditions, work and job offers, promotions, agents, industry professionals and more.



Professional Portfolio and Star Page


In seconds you can have a professional, great looking and dynamic Star Page which shows your profile, videos, pictures and status updates. You can share your Star Page on Facebook and other social networks and send it to industry professionals (casting companies, producers and professional event planners)

Promote yourself through “Show off”


“Show off” is one of our most exciting features for talents. It allows you to upload your videos / audios / pictures and text into one place, then send it to agents, casting companies, industry professionals and others or post it to Facebook and other social network. This is a Great way for you to promote your talent in a very dynamic and viral way. So, if you are a model, upload video with your last modeling gig, add to it different pictures from that show, enter explanation on the event and send. Now, modeling agencies can see your experience, previous work, talent and contact you instantly for auditions, more gigs and opportunities.


Agent Call Button


When you post “Show Off”, we add “Agent call” button to it. This buttons allows agents and other industry professional who like your posting to contact you instantly and directly, set up an appointment for you, schedule an audition and a call to know you better.

OppInvite Button


When you post “Show Off”, we add “OppInvite” button to it. This buttons allows agents and other industry professional who like your posting to send you an invite for opportunities they have posted to StarBooster. When you get these invites, you can simply click on Get it! and instantly apply to them. Agents then receive your submission and can see your profile, previous Show Offs, What’s new messages and award you the gig, part, job…



What’s new messages – Great way to communicate with agents


What’s new is another cool feature for talents and agents. It allows you to post status change, short message, and quick ping with video, picture or audios. Other members get the messages and can comment or reply. It’s a great way for talents and agents to get seen and express themselves to talents, agents and fans.



The Feed - Stay active and get discover faster.


Post unlimited number of Show Offs and what’s new messages. This will keep you on the feed and will expose your talent more to agents. The more you post, the more you are seen and the faster you get discovered! Stay active, get back to the feed, check for new opportunities, post new Show Off or what’s new message and increase your chance to grab attention of industry professionals.





StarBooster offers agents, casting directors, modeling and talent agents, production companies, and advertising agencies who are constantly looking, searching for new talents to post opportunities to the feed and automatically send you alerts with the applicable info. Opportunity can be an audition, gig, job offer, band that is looking for a singer, clothing company that is looking for models, theater that searching for actors, producer that is looking for dancers for a video clip and more… You, the talent, can then click on Get it! and instantly submit your application to this opportunity and then agent can check your profile, previous postings, show offs and award you the opportunity.



Searchable Talent Database Listing 
Get Discovered today. Casting directors, modeling and talent agents, production companies, and advertising agencies are all constantly looking, searching for new talents. Our unique technology connects talents with industry professional and helps you to get discovered.